Halifax launches new pet insurance plan

15 September 2005
Halifax General Insurance has launched a new five star pet plan, which is designed to cover not only medical costs, but offers a range of services from complementary therapy to compensation for lost or stolen pets.

Pet owners can claim £1,000 of medical cover should their animal fall ill and up to £6,000 on the Halifax Pet Insurance eXtra plan.

The two products, Halifax Pet Insurance and Pet Insurance eXtra, start at £3.50 a month for cats and £4.10 for dogs. Both of the policies have no upper age limit for pets and owners get a ten per cent discount for each additional pet they introduce to the plan.

Head of products at Halifax pet insurance, John Bennett, said: "Many other providers' policies only offer cover on a per condition basis, meaning that once the limit for vets' fees has been used up there is no further cover available for the conditions already treated. With Halifax pet insurance, pet owners can now get the necessary long-term treatment for their pets on an annual basis, without having to spend a fortune on vet's fees."

The plan offers a lot of benefits for pet owners including advertising rewards for lost or stolen animals plus complementary and alternative therapy for their pets, as well as specialist help for behavioural problems.

The policies even cover against dog-theft in light of research by the British Small Animal Association, which found that around 50,000 dogs are stolen every year.

The cost of boarding kennels is also covered and pets are insured for 12 months abroad should they need to travel. Pet owners will also be compensated for cancelled holidays.

A survey by the RSPCA earlier this year revealed that while three quarters of pet owners surveyed thought pet insurance was important, less than a third were actually insured, meaning that many owners rely on credit cards or borrowed money to cover vet bills.

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