Halifax recommends thorough trip research

11 June 2007
The importance of carrying out thorough research of your chosen holiday destination has been highlighted by new research commissioned by Halifax travel insurance.

A survey of holiday reps found that the biggest grumble for holidaymakers was that their accommodation abroad failed to meet their expectations, a problem cited by more than four in five people.

Frustration is further fuelled by holidaymakers failing to read or understand the terms and conditions of their travel insurance, which can lead to costly problems.

For example, one in five Brits were unaware that without a police report following a theft their insurance claim would not be validated.

Meanwhile, many people fail to ensure their insurance covers certain medical problems which could arise, a real problem as medical treatment abroad can be incredibly expensive.

Paul Birkhead, underwriting manager for Halifax travel insurance, said that it was vital for holidaymakers to "research their destination thoroughly before travelling, completing the appropriate medical forms and establishing what to do if they become a victim of crime".

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