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Halifax shows Britons long to escape over Christmas

27 November 2006
A record number of Britons wish they were away over Christmas, according to new research from Halifax Travel Insurance.

The study finds that unprecedented numbers of Britons will travel overseas for the Christmas period – 2.5 million in total – and many more would if they could.

Of those who flee Britain's shores, 26 per cent say they leave to escape 'Christmas mania', while 22 per cent are seeking out the sun.

"More and more people want to use the time off work as another opportunity to indulge their passion for travel," said Vicky Watson at Halifax Travel Insurance.

Travellers stock up with Christmas essentials before setting off, the study reveals - £727 million worth of presents will go with them, equivalent to £293-worth of presents taken overseas per person.

The report's authors emphasise the need to insure goods taken overseas for the festive period, noting that average monthly personal baggage insurance claims soar by 48 per cent after the Christmas break as a result of theft or loss of valued gifts.

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