Halifax urges home insurance on personal possessions

20 April 2007
One in four Britons has fallen foul to thieves in the past five years, according to new research, but the majority failed to have home insurance in place to cover their possessions.

A survey conducted by Halifax Home Insurance shows that £8.3 billion worth of possessions made their way into the hands of opportunistic robbers.

Mobile phones were the softest target, affecting 44 per cent of people, followed by wallets and jewellery.

Disappointingly though, a mere nine per cent of victims were able to call upon home insurance to claim for the cost of their stolen items.

Vicky Emmott, senior underwriter at Halifax Home Insurance, called on people to "remain cautious" and make sure they take "sensible precautions" so they aren't preyed upon by thieves.

"People should be discreet with expensive items and where possible keep items safely secured to reduce the risk of theft," she urged.

"Householders can protect themselves against the financial costs of theft by ensuring they have adequate home insurance cover that protects them for the loss or theft of items when outside the home."

A recent survey revealed UK mobile phone theft was highest in the city of Glasgow.

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