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Halifax warns cyclists of thieves as Tour de France heads to London

29 June 2007
As large numbers of cyclists will descend on London soon for the opening ceremony of the Tour de France, Halifax Home Insurance is warning avid cyclists to make sure they do not fall victim to bike thieves.

Each year 439,000 bicycles are stolen in the UK (one every 71 seconds), with the Capital being the bike theft hotspot, followed by Kingston-Upon-Thames, Cambridge and Bristol; the Tour de France could prove to be easy money for the bike thieves of London if cyclists do not protect themselves with adequate security.

Halifax recommends always locking your bike, no matter how long you intend to leave it for, leaving it in a well-lit location where possible, and using a steel-enforced U-lock.

If the worst does happen and your bike is stolen, then having comprehensive house insurance or bicycle insurance could save you the cost of replacing it. Vicky Emmott, Senior Manager of Underwriting at Halifax, says: "With the Tour de France coming to Britain this year, many people will feel encouraged to get on their bikes.

”Cycling has many benefits both for people's health and for the environment, but it's important that people take adequate measures to protect their cycles and also make sure they are insured both in the home and when out in public.”

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