Halifax warns fashion-lovers to review contents insurance

25 April 2005
Halifax General Insurance is warning fashionable women to make sure that their contents insurance is updated to include their latest designer purchases.

With most women spending an average of £124 on clothes every month according to recent research (a lot more than the average £149 spend on contents insurance per year), Halifax is advising trend-followers to make sure their beloved items are protected.

The latest boho-chic look is hotly tipped for summer, but even non-designer purchases can add value to your home contents, with a full collection of copy-cat high street boho items likely to set you back £300, Halifax reports.

"This season's look is a hit with celebrities so it's likely a lot of women will follow suit and treat themselves to a change of image," comments Julia Davies, head of customer service at Halifax General Insurance.

"But a wardrobe re-vamp can cost hundreds of pounds, even if you go for the high street copy-cat collections."

Halifax advises fashionable women to assess the value of the contents of their wardrobe realistically because new purchases can easily swell the value of a wardrobe already worth thousands of pounds.

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