Halifax warns on post-Christmas underinsurance

17 January 2006
Homeowners should ensure that the contents they have accumulated in their houses over the Christmas period do not exceed their contents cover, according to Halifax Home Insurance.

This is what usually happens in the post-yuletide period, which renders many Britons under-insured.

Halifax Home Insurance said that a number of other insurance companies try to solve this problem of inadequate cover by increasing their level of contents insurance just before and after Christmas.

However, Halifax says that many of these extensions run out before January 15th and so households could be left immediately underinsured.

"Although some insurers will increase contents cover over Christmas, this still leaves the problem of re-evaluating your contents in the new year," said Vicky Emmott, senior underwriter at Halifax Home Insurance.

"It's vital for people without unlimited cover to remember to update their insurer with any changes to their contents value and be aware that some insurers, but not Halifax, will penalise customers who underestimate the value of their belongings."

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