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Hi-tech hand luggage value rising

17 August 2006
The total value of hi-tech gadgets taken abroad by British holidaymakers has trebled in the last five years, according to new research by esure Travel Insurance.

With many of the latest technological advances and electronic products coming in hand-held varieties, such as mobile phones, video games consoles and digital cameras and camcorders, many people now do not think twice about packing them in their luggage.

However, the downside of this new portable technology is that theft of luggage has become a bigger risk and now makes a far greater dent in people's wallets if they do not have adequate insurance cover for their possessions.

Jacky Brown, head of travel insurance at, said: "When people pack for their holidays they often cram their hand luggage full of high value gadgets, probably not thinking twice about the total cost to replace them if they were lost, damaged or stolen.

"With prices of hi-tech gadgets continuing to rise and technology developing so swiftly, it's crucial for people not to lower their guard whilst on holiday and only take necessities with them," she continued.

"Holidaymakers should make sure that they have adequate travel insurance cover for peace of mind."

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