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High-stress jobs 'will affect income protection insurance'

25 July 2007
High-stress jobs will have an effect on a person's income protection insurance, but not their life insurance, it has been claimed.

According to Life Direct, there is no evidence suggesting that people in such jobs are more likely to die early, keeping life assurance costs at a constant level.

However, it added income protection insurance may be at risk as those in jobs with a lot of pressure are more likely to take time off work due to stress.

And Kieran Platt, the independent financial adviser who co-founded the company, claimed that life insurance would not be compromised by stressful professions.

"It would more likely effect someone going for income protection insurance because they're more likely to be off work sick – but they're no more likely than anyone else, statistically, to die," he said.

Meanwhile, recent research from Bright Grey has indicated that one in three British households goes without such cover.

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