High value home insurance protects stamps and other valuable items Go compare with our comparison table

High value home insurance protects stamps and other valuable items

09 May 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Fans of antiques and collectibles should protect their valuable collections with high value home insurance, urges specialist Hiscox.

With the opening of the International Stamp Exhibition this weekend, Hiscox home insurance is taking the opportunity to remind collectors not to put their valuables at risk, and to insure them just in case.

The exhibition – the biggest event of its kind to take place in London for 30 years – is a major exhibition, which will see some of the Queen's own collection on display.

Stamps have long been popular collectors' items, and their value has help up well, explains Charles Dupplin, art and collectibles expert at Hiscox. "They provide a unique window into the political and geographical history of their period and are said to be one of the most valuable items in the world by size and weight."

This goes some way to explain their global popularity, and many collectors are very attached to the collections which some have spent their lives collating.

But it is not just the sentimental value that should be considered, says Mr Dupplin, collectors should also take into account the monetary worth of their stamp collections, which could be considerable.

The world record for the most expensive stamp sold at auction was more than £1.5million, and there are many stamps in existence worth in excess of £100,000, so high value contents insurance could be a valuable investment.

Mr Dupplin added: "What began as a hobby may have grown into a valuable collection, so it's a good idea to get a professional valuation and speak to a specialist insurer that covers such collections as standalone or as part of a home insurance policy."  

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