Highest tides in 20 years threaten mass insurance claims

10 October 2006
The insurance arm of Lloyds TSB has said it is preparing itself for a glut of claims on its home insurance policies as forecasts suggest Britain's south and east coasts are bracing themselves for the highest tides in over two decades.

To prevent mass damage to seaside and coastal properties as a result of the extreme conditions that could affect communities in these areas, Lloyds TSB is urging householders to take action now in preparation.

Advised actions include moving expensive or electrical possessions, particularly computers and lightweight electrical gadgets, above ground level.

With heavier items when this is not practical, like fridges and washing machines, raise them off the floor on bricks or other platforms.

It is also worth considering your vehicle's positioning and how easy it would be to move it to higher ground if a flash flood were to strike your property.

"Burying your head in the sand is no defence against the very real threat of serious flooding," said Lloyds TSB Insurance's Gary Hurry.

"Thinking ahead and devising a plan to help reduce the risks can help homeowners minimise any potential disruption."

Mr Hurry added that his company had produced a "Calm Before the Storm" guide, giving more practical advice to homeowners whose houses may be at risk of flooding.

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