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Holidaymakers: Don’t get burned twice by holiday crime with invalid travel insurance

24 July 2007
Ten per cent of British holiday makers risk the validity of their travel insurance because they do not report thefts to local police, research from has revealed.

With their array of gadgets, such as digital cameras, tourists are easy targets for opportunist thieves, and victims could face not only the crime itself but also find that the item will not be covered by their travel insurance if they failed to report it to authorities within 24 hours.

The survey of 1011 Brits, aged 18 and older, found that one in ten do not report a theft until they return home, therefore jeopardising their cover, and seven per cent only think to ring their insurance company first, when the police should be their first port of call.

Richard Mason, director of insurance at, said: “Don’t let your relaxed holiday attitude make you vulnerable to crime; keep vigilant and report a theft within 24 hours. Most insurance policies will not cover stolen items if a crime number is not sought from the local police.

“Don’t be nervous about approaching the police and report it immediately to your travel insurer so they can advise you on the best route to take. This will ensure you are free from the despair of arriving home to realise you have jeopardised your cover by not reporting a theft.”

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