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Holidaymakers urged to improve home security

31 August 2005
With many Brits preparing to escape the unpredictable British weather for a summer break abroad, holidaymakers are being warned to ensure that they leave their home secure.

According to home insurer Zurich, almost a fifth of those who go on holiday forget to use their burglar alarms and security lights in their absence, whilst one in 20 allow newspapers to pile up on their doorstep – a green light for burglars.

Unfortunately, lapses in security such as these can provide thieves with the opportunity they need – six per cent of holidaymakers return to find they have been burgled, Zurich Insurance has revealed.

Former burglar Bob Turney, who now works as a consultant to the Probation Service, commented: "Being careful with your home security is just as important as remembering your passport.

"Ensure that you cancel your newspaper and milk deliveries and make sure all your windows and doors are locked shut. Deterrents, such as burglar alarms and automatic light timers, put off potential criminals as well, so it is worth investing in them if you can.

Mr Turney also advised homeowners to ask a neighbour to look in on their property if possible, to make it seem lived in.

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