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Home insurance industry to pay out £25million this Easter weekend

21 March 2008 / by Rachel Mason
DIY fans are expected to make such a hash of their home improvements this Easter weekend that the home insurance industry should be preparing for a £25million pay out.

According to research by Allianz Insurance, 16 per cent of people damage their homes carrying out DIY 'improvements', while 30 per cent actually injure either themselves or someone else; in fact, an estimated 200,000 DIY-ers have to go to hospital each year.

Allianz's research also revealed that more than half of people start a DIY job without the correct tools, and nearly half start without really knowing what they are doing, including attempting electrical and plumbing jobs.

Although many homes are covered for these DIY disasters, some homeowners will be shocked to discover that their home insurance policies do not cover accidental damage in the event that their handy work goes awry.

"Before they start, we suggest DIY enthusiasts should check to see if their insurance policy covers them for accidental damage in case the job goes horribly wrong," warns Simon Coughlin, spokesman for Allianz Insurance.

"The average cost of a claim for DIY related damage is £600 and our claims staff expect to be busier than usual following a Bank Holiday weekend."

Mr Coughlin suggests that before attempting any DIY, you check your policy and of course, that you know what you are doing.

"Thankfully people can add accidental damage cover to their buildings and contents insurance to cover them for paint spilt on carpets or hammering a nail into a pipe," he said.

But, just because the cover is there, it doesn't mean it should be relied on; "we encourage people to take good care of their homes," said Mr Coughlin, "it is important they know what they are doing and use the right tools for the job."

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