Home insurance pays for neighbours' damage, says Tesco

22 September 2005
People who damage their neighbours' property are getting off scot-free, according to Tesco Personal Finance.

A survey conducted by the supermarket found that half of homeowners claim for damage caused by neighbours on their own home insurance instead of getting the perpetrators to pay up.

Head of Tesco Home Insurance, Allan Burns, said: "We would encourage homeowners in this situation to think carefully before deciding on which course of action to take.

"They may find that their neighbour is willing to hold themselves accountable and therefore foot the bill or claim from their own insurance policy."

The survey found that three-quarters of people were aware that their neighbours were in the wrong and should pay up, but many were reluctant to approach them in case of confrontation, while others got on so well with their neighbours that they did not want to upset them.

However, those who claim on their own insurance could face higher premiums when they renew their policy and many insurers often contact the offending neighbour anyway to get back the money they paid out.

A survey by Post Office Home Insurance earlier this year found that almost half of people in the UK look over their neighbours' fence to see what they have in their garden.

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