Home insurance should be top of the list this Christmas

24 December 2007 / by None
Those who have home insurance all wrapped up for Christmas are less likely to suffer the results of a break in, as thieves make a meal out of all the latest gadgets and other goodies that are under the tree.

Cheshire Building Society is urging homeowners to make sure they are properly protected with home insurance and to update their current policies to ensure they reflect the added value in their homes, in case they are unlucky enough to get burgled.

To help households protect themselves from thieving goblins this Christmas, Cheshire has made some recommendations, such as increasing insurance cover over the festive period for presents and extra food in the freezer – some insurance providers do this automatically, but homeowners should check with their individual provider.

Cheshire also suggests hiding presents from view, making a record of valuables, including serial numbers, disposing of packaging and wrapping paper sufficiently so as not to make it obvious to potential thieves that there are valuable goods in the house, and ensuring that locks are the correct ones for your home so that insurance policies are not invalidated.

If homes have an open fire, then Cheshire urges homeowners to take care and make sure they are put out before bedtime to make sure that Christmas doesn't go up in flames, and to check that insurance policies cover things like accidental damage so that if the Christmas cheer becomes a bit too lively then any breakages will be covered.

Those who are spending the holidays away from home should make sure that any deliveries such as milk and newspapers are cancelled, and could consider investing in a timer switch so that lights come on sporadically and thieves don't assume that if the lights aren't on then nobody's home.

Cheshire says it is also a good idea to reassess home insurance policies in the new year, once the party's over, so that any valuable new presents such as games consoles, laptops and MP3 players are covered.

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