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House of horrors: Home insurance claims rise 150% at Halloween says Tesco

27 October 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Halloween might be fun for some, but it can mean damage and financial expense for thousands of homeowners, with trick or treaters causing a 150 per cent increase in home insurance claims made by UK homeowners.

According to research from Tesco Home Insurance, claims for damage to property skyrocket on October 31st, as homeowners fall foul to little devils that steal from their garden or break windows.

Homeowners should also beware the ghosts and ghouls in their own home which can cause damage, such as pumpkins setting light to curtains, or fake blood getting on the carpets.

Tesco urges homeowners to be vigilant this Halloween and ensure that they protect themselves as much as possible from getting a trick when they don't offer enough treats.

Homeowners should remove items that are vulnerable to theft or damage from trick or treaters, such as garden gnomes, plant pots, or statues, and secure them in a garage or shed for the night.

For those wishing to embrace the spooky season, Tesco suggests stocking up on sweets and treating those that come to the door enquiring 'Trick or Treat?' Or for the faint-hearted and those who would rather not participate, there is a poster available to download from the websites of local councils to word off the evil spirits and let them know they're not participating.

Of utmost importance for homeowners this Halloween is checking their home insurance policies, says Tesco, to ensure that they are up to date and protected from any malicious damage to their homes.

Jim Bruce, head of Tesco Home Insurance says "Halloween can be a fun time of year for most. However, whether accidental or intentional, some Halloween revellers get carried away and cause real damage to property as a result of their antics.

"If you get ‘tricked' rather than ‘treated', it's good to know that any serious damage done by others to your property, is covered."

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