Increased time in gardens 'may increase home insurance premiums'

16 August 2007
Close to a third of people in the UK would like to spend more time in their gardens, if only they were more attractive, according to new research.

Alliance & Leicester Personal Loans has revealed that this figure is particularly high among those in their 20s and early 30s, perhaps so they can host parties or play sport at home in the summer.

Some 49 per cent would like to shell out on new shrubbery, while 32 per cent commented that improved external lighting would help illuminate their garden to them.

However, it may be that expensive equipment in the back yard leads to increased home insurance policies.

"More and more people would like to treat their outside space like an extra room, especially in the summer months when indoors can become stuffy and hot," said Richard Al-Dabbagh, senior personal loans manager at the firm.

And it may be that homeowners have to be increasingly cautious over security as the summer months, as opportunistic thieves may see the season as the perfect time to pounce.

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