Insurance 'the best present' this Christmas

03 November 2005
Comprehensive household insurance is essential to protect expensive gifts this Christmas, says

The financial comparison website says homeowners should check their policies to ensure they cover all Christmas gifts, since most insurers only offer a ten per cent increase in contents cover during December.

"Although some insurers offer increased cover for gifts pre-Christmas, they don’t all cover you for ownership of these items after the festivities are over," said Richard Mason, director of

"We’d advise people to assess the value of the gifts they received and to raise the limit on their own contents policy accordingly," he added.

The website warns that homeowners who are under-insured could end up shelling out extra cash to cover stolen or damaged Christmas gifts.

Home Office statistics show that instances of burglary increase considerably from October to January, potentially making Christmas a miserable time for revellers.

Insurance company excite recommends checking how long increased Christmas insurance lasts for to make sure expensive gifts are covered.

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