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Insurance for aging more popular

06 September 2005
Over a quarter of people would take out insurance against aging, according to a survey from Abbey.

It questioned over 2,000 respondents on what fantasy insurance policies they would take out.

Behind aging, insuring against a cost of a broken heart was the most popular being opted for by over 20 per cent, followed by insurance against weight gain.

But behind this seeming willingness to sign up for insurance policies Abbey warns that seven million adults do not have any insurance at all.

Twenty-two per cent have no home contents insurance and half have no life insurance.

Sue Wilkinson, head of health and protection insurance at Abbey, said: "Our research provides a light-hearted insight into the national psyche and it's not surprising that so many people said they worry about gaining weight or getting old.

"But on a more serious note, too many people are taking chances when it comes to the things we care most about in life such as the family, health, home and car. Arranging the right insurance needn't be a hassle and could end up making all the difference during difficult times."

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