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Insuresupermarket: Beware multi-car policies

26 April 2006 / by None
With the introduction of a new multi-car motor insurance policy from Admiral, a leading price comparison website has said that this kind of multi-car insurance cover may not be the best option. says offers such as Admiral's may appear to be good value and hassle-free, but in reality could cost you more to buy as a package than each individual component purchased separately.

"For a family with two or more vehicles being able to cover them all on one insurance policy, as Admiral now offers, may sound really attractive, reducing paperwork and hassle," Richard Mason, the website's director, said

"Admiral's policy will suit those who value convenience more than price," he continued, "but for those looking to make maximum savings it will still make sense to shop around for the best deal on each vehicle individually."'s research claims that in some circumstances insuring two cars with Admiral's joint cover, rather than with separate policies, could cost almost £40 more.

The price comparison site also highlighted the fact that in order to bring all of the car insurance policies within the household together, some people may have to cut short their existing policies, which, in itself, is not cost-effective.

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