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Jittery journeys for Brits abroad

01 August 2006
According to research from Prudential Car Insurance, almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of Britons lack confidence when they are driving on the continent.

This is despite over half (57 per cent) of the UK's residents being set to take their car overseas, meaning the likelihood of being involved in an accident could be significantly higher.

"With almost two-thirds of drivers nervous about driving abroad, it is vital they double check what protection their policy will offer once they cross the Channel," said Phil Southgate, media relations manager for Prudential.

"Should they be involved in an accident some drivers may otherwise find themselves at a loss with only third party insurance, despite having fire and theft or even fully comprehensive cover in the UK."

"We urge drivers to speak to their insurers so that they can set off to foreign climes with peace of mind," Mr Southgate added.

The top five reasons for Britons to be nervous when motoring abroad, according to the survey, were: being confused by road signs; driving on the right; unfamiliar roads; a lack of knowledge or understanding of the driving laws; and negotiating roundabouts on the right-hand side of the road.

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