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Just what the doctor ordered: Norwich Union Life cuts illness claim times

11 December 2006
Norwich Union Life has cut end-to-end times for critical and terminal illness claims by up to two weeks, thanks to a new initiative that puts the claimant in control.

Sarah Butler, Norwich Union Life claims team manager, explains: “When progressing illness claims, we are very much dependent on the doctor’s speed of response, so we decided to give our customers the choice of taking the medical report form to their doctor directly, the idea being that a busy GP will react better to a patient than an insurance company."

“Our hunch has proved correct and, as a result, the time it takes to get the form back has been cut by a third, which means nearly 14 days fewer in the longest cases.

Despite the onus being placed on the claimant, Norwich Union has found that its customers prefer the system. "No-one feels it is an imposition when they know that their claim will be resolved more quickly as a result," said Ms Butler. "Of course, Norwich Union Life pays the GP for the information and chases them for return of the medical report form too.”

This new approach is the latest in a long line of strategies introduced by Norwich Union Life's Claims Support Team to make the claiming process easier and more efficient. The group has already developed a system that gets information from the customer and transfers it directly onto a claim form, enabling the assessor to ensure the claim form is completed as fully as possible, so that they can gain a greater depth of information and therefore deal with issues more promptly.

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