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Kids wreaking havoc at home

13 April 2006
According to recent findings by AA Insurance, destructive children are the cause of over half of all home insurance accidental damage claims.

The survey by the company asked home insurance holders to list some of the reasons for claims they have made as a result of their children's actions. The list of "home horrors" makes worrying reading for any parent.

Some of the more disquieting facts are that 52 per cent of children have drawn on walls, 45 per cent have stained soft furnishings with food and 40 per cent have peeled off wallpaper.

The more obscure misfortunes that have befallen parents include food posted through video recorder slots (12 per cent) and drains blocked with toys or small valuables (ten per cent), not to mention the accidental fires caused by five per cent of kids.

"Easter can be a messy time, with children smearing chocolate on sofas and carpets," said Gerry Barrett of AA Insurance, who have launched their new 'Sticky Fingers Cover' in time for the spring holiday season.

"Our research reveals some of the more serious things kids can do, however, such as flooding the house and burning the carpet, which raises the need to protect against these incidents with Sticky Fingers Cover," he added.

Little boys seem to be that main culprits for misbehaviour. AA's statistics show that 39 per cent of boys account for household damage, compared to 29 per cent of girls.

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