L&G: Summer spending increases value of student digs

02 October 2006
According to a Legal and General (L&G) survey, a boom of spending on electronic gadgets and equipment by students has resulted in the overall value of the contents of their homes rising.

Nearly a third (32 per cent) of full-time students said they had purchased portable electronic equipment in the last three months, pushing the average contents value of the average student's bedroom to £2,132 – nearly double the average bedroom in the UK (£1,267).

Such is the affluent nature of student spending on expensive electronics that the contents of the average student house (£13,358) are above the average amount of student debt (£13,252).

"Today's students are more attuned to the benefits of modern technology and so have some high value consumer goods such as a computer or laptop and a mobile phone," said Andy Dawson, operations director at L&G's general insurance department.

"In addition, most have their own TV and DVDs so the value of their belongings can soon mount up. It is worth checking that their insurance cover is at an adequate level and whether there are any limits on high risk items, such as computers."

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