Lazy motorists wasting £1.9 billion by not shopping around for car insurance

28 February 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
As the launch of the new 08 number plate draws closer and dealers prepare for their busiest day of the year, motorists would do well to remember that they can save a great deal on insuring their new wheels, because UK car owners are currently paying £1.9 billion over the odds for their car insurance.

According to Swiftcover car insurance, the UK's 34 million drivers could save an enormous amount if they shop around and compare car insurance quotes online find the best cover at a competitive price.

The online insurer recommends several other tips to keep insurance premiums down. such as opting for a less powerful car that will fall into a lower insurance group, driving a smaller, less expensive car that will cost the insurance company a lot less to replace, checking the insurance policy to ensure that there are no unnecessary additions on it like cover for overseas, or a courtesy car, which are not included as standard and that companies sometimes add automatically.

Adding a partner can keep the cost down, as can paying a bigger excess, and, above all, shopping around online where the most competitive deals can often be found. says that just staying with the same insurer is not necessarily the most cost effective method, and that keeping vehicles in garages or driveways can also keep the cost down because it is at less risk.

Tina Shortle, Marketing Director of, comments: "With household bills rising ever higher, it seems crazy that UK consumers should willingly waste over £1.9 billion by sticking with the same old insurer year after year. Smart consumers know that an online insurance company is likely to be cheaper because it doesn’t have to pay hundreds of call centre staff and can pass on the savings to its customers."

For the environmentally conscious driver, offers a 10 per cent discount for owners of green hybrid cars which are less harmful because they produce fewer carbon emissions.

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