Legal & General uncovers crime-conscious Britain

21 May 2007
Britons are prepared to take extensive measures to protect their property from the risk of theft, loss, or damage, Legal & General has found - but simply getting comprehensive insurance cover could be less hassle.

Four in ten people won't open their front door to strangers, 37 per cent are ex-directory and 20 per cent rely on a dog for protection, the insurer's survey found.

More than half the population are concerned about crime, and they are taking steps to safeguard their property and possessions, Legal & General's head of communications for general insurance, Ruth Wilkins, commented.

But no precautionary measures can ever be 100 per cent effective, making insurance cover a valuable surety against financial losses if a customer's property suffers theft or damage.

At the same time, the cost of insurance can fall if customers take preventive actions to forestall theft, Ms Wilkins stressed.

Legal & General, as well as insurers such as the AA, offer customers discounts on the cost of contents cover if they install good quality door and window locks and live in a Neighbourhood Watch area.

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