Liverpool continues car insurance crackdown

11 March 2006
Liverpool has seen a surge in applications for car insurance following the first wave of a crackdown on illegal driving in the city.

Approximately 20,000 drivers, or around one in nine of suspected uninsured drivers, have either been in touch with insurance companies or have removed their vehicles from the roads.

After the first six weeks of Operation Tango, the number of uninsured vehicles is believed to have dropped by 20,000 from 175,000 to 155,000, according to Liverpool's Daily Post. Of the 1,587 cars confiscated, 460 have actually been crushed.

Other cars have been returned to finance companies, with drivers required to pay if they want them back, in addition to the cost of car insurance and tax and a £200 fine.

Local police are aiming to seize 1,000 uninsured cars a month until the situation has been brought under control.

Chief superintendent, Paul Forrester, said: "The message is quite clear: if you go out in a car that is not insured you'll get caught."

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