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Lloyds: Insurance essential for booze cruises

13 December 2005
Brits who plan to cross the Channel and pick up some cheap booze abroad in time for Christmas should make sure they have adequate car insurance before they set off into unknown territory, say Lloyds TSB Insurance.

A survey by the insurance provider revealed almost two million Brits plan to cross the Channel to take advantage of cheaper alcohol prices in France, Belgium and Spain.

However, Lloyds says driving on unfamiliar roads can make accidents more likely and is advising drivers to make sure they have insurance.

A spokesperson for Lloyds TSB Insurance said: "Driving abroad on unfamiliar roads with a host of different rules to follow can be risky, so, it's important to be extremely cautious. One of the most important things to consider is insurance.

"Although it's a must for any driver, when you're driving on foreign roads, especially during the Christmas period, it's even more important that you have adequate cover."

Lloyds TSB's survey found a third of Brits plan to spend £100 on buying booze abroad while eight per cent said they planned to splash out £500 on cheap drinks.

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