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Lloyds TSB: Car insurance 'essential' this winter

31 October 2005
Darker evenings and freezing weather conditions make car insurance all the more essential, says Lloyds TSB Insurance.

The insurance provider warned this week that when clocks change and nights become darker on October 30th, UK drivers face more dangers on the road.

Managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance, Phil Loney, said: "With a few basic precautions, drivers can steer clear of most problems.

"But, it is vital that at all times every driver has adequate car insurance to protect them as the winter closes in."

Lloyds TSB also recommends customers check if their insurance policies include useful "extras" such as a courtesy car in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The insurance provider has made up a checklist for drivers so they can make sure their car is in a safe condition.

It recommends keeping windows clean to enhance vision, checking the tread on tyres and making sure the battery is in good condition.

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