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Lloyds TSB Insurance: Brits ban parties

21 December 2005
British homeowners are banning house parties in a bid to save their homes from damage, says Lloyds TSB Insurance.

The insurance provider says four out of five Brits will not hold parties this Christmas. Around 14 per cent say they are afraid of the damage which could be caused.

Almost a quarter say they will not have a party because they are strapped for cash.

Men admitted to losing sleep over the prospective damage that could be done to their property during the festivities while women were found to be less concerned.

A spokesperson for Lloyds TSB Insurance said: "If you are planning to host a party there are some simple things you can do to reduce the risks of wine being spilled and tears being shed.

"Ensuring your home contents insurance is in place can help safeguard your property and your wallet if things do get messy."

Lloyds also says following a few simple steps at Christmas can minimise damage to homes as the party season gets underway.

The insurance provider recommends serving drinks in paper cups instead of glass ones, keeping guests away from areas you don't want them in and making sure your Christmas tree is fire-resistant.

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