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Lloyds TSB insurance to cover climate-conscious homeowners

19 April 2007
Homeowners across the UK have been persuaded from all corners to make their households as energy efficient as possible in recent months.

Energy saving initiatives which are kind to the environment, such as solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heating pumps, have all been touted as great ways for homeowners to do their bit for the green cause.

While such equipment will certainly bring savings for both consumers' finances and the environment as well, it does not come cheaply - meaning insurance policies will need looking at to ensure adequate cover is in place.

As a result, Lloyds TSB Insurance is offering free cover for the repair, replacement or theft of such equipment, which the group acknowledges can cost as much as £25,000 to buy and put into place.

"But it doesn't have to cost you the earth to keep your green appliance safe," explained Phil Loney, managing director at Lloyds TSB Insurance.

"It can be added at no extra cost to a Lloyds TSB buildings insurance policy."

Some 100,000 renewable energy appliances have made their way into UK homes already, but this could rise to as many as 1.3 million by 2020.

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