Long summer days spell more thefts, says American Express Home Insurance

14 August 2007
Thieves are indulging in more daylight robbery as the warm weather means people are spending more time outside of their homes, leaving them vulnerable to robbery, American Express has warned.

A summer afternoon (midday to six o’clock) is the second most popular time for thefts to occur, according to American Express Insurance, even when people are at home. Joanne Field, Marketing Manager from American Express Insurance Services, says:

“Summer tends to be the peak time for burglaries for two reasons; firstly, professional burglars are able to strike whilst householders are on holiday and secondly, homes and gardens are generally more open, providing more chances for the opportunist thief.”

American Express Insurance suggests a range of hints and tips to help homeowners protect themselves from thieves, such as not leaving doors and windows open if the home is unattended, fitting a burglar alarm, using timer switches for lights so the property looks occupied, and ensuring a good quality home insurance policy is in place to protect homeowners if the worst happens.

Some insurance companies will discount your insurance for certain measures taken to deter thieves, such as fitting alarms, joining neighbourhood watch schemes and having approved locks installed on doors and windows. Cover can also protect against damage, broken windows, floods and fire.

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