MORE TH>N gives flood insurance advice

11 October 2005
MORE TH>N home insurance is urging homeowners and businesses in areas at risk from flooding to make sure their insurance will cover them in the event of a flood.

The insurance company revealed this week that two million UK households are at risk from flooding this winter.

Alison McCulloch at MORE TH>N said: "Whilst buildings insurance is a requirement of getting a mortgage, contents cover is not mandatory and according to the ABI, around a quarter of UK households don’t have contents cover."

MORE TH>N uses a risk mapping combined with hi-tech digital terrain mapping to work out which areas are most at risk from flooding, so they are able to help customers quicker.

Mr Pitt said: "We are able to pinpoint risk right down to individual address level which means that thousands of homes previously considered at risk of flooding by the insurance industry can now get a better deal from MORE TH>N.

A guide to getting through a flood is available on the MORE TH>N website giving homeowners tips on how to keep themselves safe during flooding.

It also recommends keepings insurance policy documents in a water-tight bag in a safe place and keeping your insurance company's number handy.

The guidelines also recommend that home and business owners call their insurance company as soon as possible after a flood.

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