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Marks & Spencer pet insurance reveals pets have square eyes

27 April 2005
Marks & Spencer Pet Insurance has highlighted the importance of making sure pets are covered with new research released this week.

The financial firm revealed that thousands of Britain's cats and dogs have been found to enjoy popular television programmes and one in ten owners claim they have a favourite show.

Peter Longstaff, head of General Insurance at Marks & Spencer Money, said: "Our pets probably spend as much time watching TV as we do, so it's no wonder they become familiar with our favourite programmes. Our research revealed that snooker is a hit with both cats and dogs who love following the balls on screen.

"Pets have their funny quirks and we regard them as members of the family, so it's important we have them insured, even the most basic veterinary treatment can be costly."

The company polled more than 2,000 pet owners and created a list of the top ten most popular programmes for pets.

Most popular to watch was snooker, followed by Coronation Street and Eastenders, whilst other types of shows included nature programmes and MTV.

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