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24 October 2008 / by Rachel Mason
People living in Doncaster and Bristol are the most likely to have to claim for theft or burglary on their home insurance, says

According to the data, almost six per cent of people living in Doncaster in South Yorkshire and Bristol, in the South West, have made a claim on their home insurance for either theft or burglary in the past 12 months.

The third most likely place for residents to make a claim is Canvey Island in Essex – just over five per cent of homeowners there have made a claim.

In the top 20 UK postcode areas most likely to have to make a home insurance claim as a result of theft or burglary, seven are in Greater London, with Brentford and West Norwood the most risky areas.

"Unfortunately I'm not amazed to see several London postcodes in the top 20 when it comes to theft and burglary," said Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at, "but I didn't expect to see Doncaster and Bristol snatching the top spots from London - especially as their reputations for crime are no rival for the capital.

"It proves any area, regardless of reputation, can be classed as ‘high-risk'," he said. says that unfortunately, if an area is classified as 'high risk' either for crime or something like flooding – it could well be reflected in the price of home insurance premiums.

"Unfortunately there are no strict rules and even homes in an affluent area, relatively free from crime, could still suffer from high premiums as they may contain more expensive items," he said.

"I would call on insurers to assess premiums on a case by case basis, rather than blacklisting whole cities or areas as ‘high-risk'."

Mr Gerrard says that with the evenings drawing in, and the clocks going back tomorrow night, it is important that homeowners are extra vigilant when it comes to security for their homes.

"An increasing number of opportunistic thieves may take advantage of the longer winter nights. It is a good idea to ensure home contents insurance is fully up to date, and is at a high enough level to cover all belongings sufficiently," he warned.

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