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More Brits drive abroad to avoid travel insurance nightmare

20 May 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
As half term approaches, it seems that more and more Brits are being put off by long queues, delays and lost baggage increasingly associated with airports, and opting to drive abroad instead.

According to American Express Insurance Services, the Association of British Travel Agents – which has named France as the UK's second most popular holiday destination – has also noted a renewed interest in taking ferries abroad.

After the recent Terminal Five disaster at Heathrow, it is no surprise that travellers are sceptical of flying and travel insurance loopholes. Thousands of travellers found they were not adequately insured as insurance companies refused to pay out for luggage lost at Terminal Five.

The research from the Association of British Travel Agents found that as many as one in 10 Brits are considering taking a driving holiday in Europe this year. A further 32 per cent are considering going on a caravan holiday, which would involve driving to the destination.

The study also showed that camping is experiencing a comeback as 27 per cent of Brits questioned said they would consider a camping holiday if they could drive there by car.

According to American Express Insurance Services, a greener approach to travel is one of the reasons behind the driving revolution. Chris Rolland, Head of American Express Insurance Services suggested other reasons, stating: "For many hard working Britons it seems there are simply not enough hours in the day. For some, long working days means that they don't want to waste any more time than necessary with long check-in times.

"Consequently, the trend appears to be taking a return to family drive holidays. We would like to advise Britons to ensure they have the correct cover in place to give people a greater peace of mind, allowing them to relax and enjoy their holidays," Mr Rolland added.

As driving holidays become more popular, sufficient car insurance also becomes an issue as not all insurers offer European cover as standard.

Commenting on this matter, Mr Rolland concluded: "Customers with American Express Car Insurance get automatic European cover for up to 90 days a year and a courtesy car as standard while they wait for any repairs to take place."

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