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More Th>n urges homeowners to handle flood risk

05 January 2006
Over five million people in the UK are at risk of their homes flooding with the average damage to flooded properties totalling around £30,000.

One year on and looking back on the devastating floods in Carlisle last year, insurer More Th>n is once again urging homeowners to prepare and cover themselves for a similar natural disaster.

David Pitt, head of insurance at More Th>n, said although the government has made progress in the area of flood protection in England and Wales since the disaster, Britons cannot afford to stop preparing now, especially when considering current environmental concerns.

"However, we can't afford to stop now, particularly with the potential for climate change to affect weather patterns drastically and cause disaster for homeowners and businesses in the future," he explained.

At present the government has put forward nearly £570 million for flood and coastal defences for 2006/07 but Mr Pitt believes at least another ten to 30 million pounds is needed year on year to prevent flooding.

"It is imperative that the insurance industry continues to raise these issues in the debate about the future of flood protection and continues to work closely with the government to ensure there is ongoing protection for homeowners and businesses," Mr Pitt continued.

More Th>n urges homeowners to protect themselves against flooding by having an adequate insurance policy and documents in a water tight bag, listening to evacuation notices and procedures, having sandbags, preparing a flood pack containing food, batteries, first aid kit etc, and moving possessions with sentimental value out of the waters reach.

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