More Than Insurance: Brits long for the thrills and spills of winter adventuring

10 January 2007
Britons longing to shake out the cobwebs are thirsty for adventure in the winter months, with one in eight planning to take an adventure holiday, More Than insurance reveals.

Impressively, the over-45s are keeping pace with younger Brits, as one in eight opts to splash out on risky adventure trips.

But 12 per cent of people fail to take out the appropriate travel insurance and one in six young people never take out travel insurance at all, More Than statistics reveal.

While ordinary travel insurance claims average £440, winter sports claims can peak much higher, with a broken leg in the USA costing up to £15,000 in transport and treatment.

"We're going on more adventurous and more risky winter holidays now than ever before," commented Keira Clark, head of travel insurance at More Than.

But "cover is absolutely crucial with these types of trips", she stressed.

"Winter sports are renowned to be some of the most dangerous," agreed the British Insurance Bankers' Association's technical services manager Graeme Trudgill, speaking to the Manchester Evening News.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office lists ski slopes as among the top five locations where injuries are most likely to occur.

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