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More Than disappointed at dropping of Road Safety Bill

11 April 2005
The Road Safety Bill was dropped from parliament at the end of last week, disappointing insurance experts More Than.

In what is known in Westminster as the 'wash up', bills shot between the House of Commons and the Lords in an attempt to tie up loose legislative ends before the dissolution of parliament in anticipation of the election. The Road Safety Bill did not make it.

The Bill proposed a number of reforms intending to crack down on uninsured motorists, including providing better police access to the Motor Insurers Database to allow the authorities to get informed about which vehicles are not currently insured.

"We are disappointed that the Road Safety Bill has not been passed before the general election," said David Pitt, head of insurance at More Than.

"We hope that the bill will be revisited after the election and that the issue of road safety, in particular tackling uninsured drivers, continues to be firmly on the government's agenda."

The Serious Organised Crime Bill, which was passed successfully, does give the police the ability to seize, and in some cases destroy, vehicles found without insurance.

According to research by More Than, 75 per cent of motorists in the UK are concerned about the number of drivers taking to the road without insurance.

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