More Than offers extra protection for big day

04 July 2006
With summer in full swing and the wedding season now upon us, many people will be thinking about tying the knot in the coming months.

To ensure a smooth-running day everything is planned in precise detail but many couples will find they are not covered by their insurance policies if something is stolen or damaged.

Insurance provider More Than has urged couples to make a quick call to ensure they are covered for their wedding, in case something does go wrong.

"Weddings are expensive and stressful enough without the added financial burden of something being stolen or damaged," said Craig Allen, home insurance product manager at More Than.

"Although it may not be top of your agenda, it's worth making a quick phone call to your insurer to make sure you have the benefit of extra cover," he continued.

"More Than customers can rest assured that if the unthinkable happens, they'll have that added protection."

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