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More Than reveals most motorists likely to crash their car

25 April 2005
Insurer More Than has released research claiming that the vast majority of motorists are likely to suffer some kind of accident at some point in their driving career.

Nine out of ten motorists will have at least one road accident in their lifetime, the report published by More Than suggests.

The insurer found that most accidents will be collisions involving two or more vehicles, with average price tags of £1,100 to repair damage.

However, a third of these accidents are likely to be small 'prangs' worth less than £500 for which 36 per cent of drivers are reluctant to claim on their insurance for fear of losing their no-claims bonus.

"The vast majority of drivers will experience a prang, bump or scrape at some stage, even if it is not their fault, yet many don't claim on their motor insurance policy," said David Pitt, head of insurance at More Than.

"Instead they dig deep into their own pockets for various reasons - one of the biggest being fear of losing their no claims bonus. This and the other fears raised in our report mean motorists are out of pocket unnecessarily, or worse, driving around in damaged vehicles."

Motorists could avoid the fear of losing their no claims bonus by opting for More Than's car insurance, which includes the No Claims Bonus for Life promise, protecting their no claims bonus however many minor accidents they report.

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