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More Than touts importance of NCB

13 May 2006
Car insurance company More Than has stressed the importance of No Claims Bonuses (NCB) when searching for the best deals on car insurance.

Motor insurance manager Keith Maxwell said that NCB can make a massive difference to your premiums, offering up to 75 per cent off the typical annual cost. He was also keen to point out the "unique" NCB protection scheme offered by More Than.

Mr Maxwell explained: "With other car insurers, you can get a bonus for a four-year no claim period. If after these four years you make a claim, this discount is reduced.

"We offer a lifetime protection of this discount, so if after the no claim period you have an accident and you make a claim, your bonus is protected and you can claim as many times as you want after that."

The no claims protection offered by More Than car insurance gives peace of mind for those who persistently do not make smaller claims because they are afraid of losing their discount.

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