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Motor Insurance Bureau launches helpline to put a stop to uninsured motoring

18 July 2007
The ABI estimates that uninsured motoring in the UK costs around half a billion every year and the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) can confirm that the levy on the honest motorist to cover uninsured drivers was more than £350million.

And it is young people that are the worst culprits – 15% of uninsured drivers were aged between 17 and 21 and under 30s accounted for 48%.

In an attempt to put a stop to the thousands of people who drive uninsured, the MIB launched the Police Helpline, which is a dedicated ‘hot line’ for the Police to call when they stop a vehicle on the suspicion of no insurance. Last year 78,000 vehicles were seized by the Police for no insurance.

The helpline is currently being used by 19 forces, but is being rolled out to all constabularies and should be in use nationwide by the end of the year. Figures show that of the calls coming to the MIB’s helpline, 40% result in a vehicle being seized.

“Time and time again we see the consequences of uninsured driving. Innocent lives are ruined by the selfishness of drivers who think they are above the law, said Ashton West, the Group CEO for the MIB.

“All the indications are that the rate of uninsured driving is beginning to fall, which is encouraging. But more can and must be done in the fight against uninsured driving.

“MIB is working closely with the Police to tackle uninsured driving. Insurance is there to ensure proper compensation is available to the innocent victims of accidents. Those who think they can get away with not getting insurance are in for a big shock.

“The Police can seize vehicles if they have reason to believe there is no insurance and with the support of the MIB Police Helpline and additional resources committed by the insurance industry the public can be reassured that checks are in place to avoid seizing vehicles which have valid insurance.”

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