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Motorbike insurance for women who say 'on your bike' to credit crunch

09 May 2008 / by Joy Tibbs
A growing number of women are thinking about buying a motorbike in order to reduce spending as living costs continue to soar and lending conditions become ever tighter.

According to the Post Office, one in seven women would consider swapping their car for a motorbike in order to cut costs, and 29 per cent of people who have ridden a motorcycle at some point decided to do so because it was a cheaper option.

In the past, female bikers have been relatively few and far between, accounting for just 15 per cent of the 1.2 million licensed motorcyclists on the road over the last 10 years. However, experts from the University of Huddersfield’s Motorcycle Consumer Research Unit claim that the figure is now closer to 20 per cent, and that the percentage is set to increase.

In response, and ahead of peak motorbike riding season, the Post Office has launched a new motorbike insurance policy, with discounts of up to 36 per cent for female motorcyclists. It is also giving all new customers a month's free insurance.

Director of the Motorcycle Consumer Research Unit, Geoff Crowther, said: "The rise of women motorcyclists is helping to inspire new-style bikes – and we're seeing bike designs better contoured to the female biker.

"It’s great that the Post Office recognises this trend and is providing a tailored insurance product for female riders too."

Research also shows that women are involved in far fewer motorbike accidents than men, and University of Huddersfield research shows that women are more interested in pursuing advanced rider training than their male counterparts.

Post Office head of general insurance, Richard Pennant-Jones, added: "It's clear that squeezes on our finances are making motorcycles an increasingly attractive alternative to cars.

"And concerns about CO2 emissions on the environment may coax more people out of their cars. With more bikers of both sexes on the roads than ever before, we’ve entered the market to ensure they receive comprehensive cover at a competitive cost."

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