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Motorists told to mind gender gap

07 February 2007
Women are estimated to hit maturity a decade earlier than their male counterparts – or at least that's the assumption made by the motor insurance providers surveyed by

While premiums for men in their twenties are 107 per cent higher than premiums for those in their thirties, women's premiums become affordable a full decade earlier.

The average premium for a man in his thirties costs £543, a snip compared to the £1,123 he'll have to pay while a twenty-something.

Women in their twenties, meanwhile, pay just £736.

"Insurers view women as mature motorists in their twenties, while men have to wait a decade longer to have their boy racer premiums wiped out," commented's insurance researcher Peter Gerrard.

But premiums need not be discriminatory, he emphasised, adding: "Motorists who are prepared to shop around for the best deal each year will always come out on top, whatever their sex or age."

Options for younger drivers penalised for their age include adding a parent to their policy or going to specialist insurers for premiums tailored to younger drivers, Mr Gerrard suggested.

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