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NatWest reveals good neighbours no replacement for home insurance

08 June 2005
Everybody might need good neighbours, but even a good, trusting relationship with your neighbours is no replacement for adequate home insurance, NatWest has revealed.

Research by NatWest Insurance Services found that more than three-quarters of the population trust their neighbours enough to ask them to keep a close eye on their home whilst away on holiday.

However, only half of Brits would actually hand over their keys to their neighbours for them to check nothing is amiss.

Six out of ten respondents said they do worry about their home when they are away, with 56 per cent losing sleep about a possible burglary, and 14 per cent afraid that they might lose their home in a fire.

"Whilst trusting your neighbours with the keys to your home is a thing of the past, it is great to see that we still trust them to keep an eye on our homes," said Bob Trinder, head of NatWest Insurance Services.

"That said, trust does not negate the need for adequate home insurance. Making sure that your belongings are protected and your house secure, even when you are in it, is vital."

Even Londoners, traditionally the least trusting, expressed confidence in their neighbours - 70 per cent were happy to let their neighbours keep an eye on their home in their absence.

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