National Consumer Council complains about shoddy car servicing

05 April 2005
Rip-off merchants in the car servicing and repairs industry had better watch out following the announcement of a supercomplaint threat from the National Consumer Council (NCC).

The NCC, joined by its Scottish and Welsh sister consumer organisations, has responded to years of motorists' frustration about shoddy service and exorbitant prices for car maintenance and repairs.

In a letter to trade bodies in the car maintenance industry, the three consumer councils have accused the industry, worth £7 billion a year, of "inaction" and "lack of engagement" with the problems consumers are facing.

According to the NCC, hiked-up prices and unsatisfactory workmanship cost consumers £4 billion a year.

"We are throwing down the gauntlet to the industry. Years of inaction defy the harm this sector inflicts on consumers," explained NCC chair, Deirdre Hutton.

"Most consumers aren't car mechanics - they don't know what needs doing to their car, whether it's been done properly or whether they've got value for money. What's more, shoddy repairs can put consumers and their families at risk of serious injury or death."

The NCC will issue a supercomplaint against the industry unless it responds to its threat with positive action.

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