National Debtline: PPI exclusions "many and various"

19 May 2006
A consumer debt helpdesk has said that many people who have taken out Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and then tried to claim on it have found this process much more difficult than expected.

A spokesperson for National Debtline said that the exclusions for PPI cover were "many and various" and that people were often not informed of, or did not read, the small print that comes with PPI.

"In our experience, callers are unlikely to have payment protection insurance that pays out," the spokesperson for the company continued. "We are more likely to get calls querying why the insurance hasn't paid out in their circumstances."

The advice before agreeing to take out PPI is to check exactly what you are getting before signing for it because it is likely you will not find out what you are and are not liable for until it is too late.

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