Norwich Union: Car theft rises as the leaves fall

22 September 2006
A new survey from Norwich Union suggests that the three month period from September to November is the most popular period for vehicle theft.

The study, based on claims information collected by Norwich Union over the past three years, also suggests that car crime, particularly theft, was decreasing but there was consistently a peak during the autumn months.

Nigel Bartram, Norwich Union's motor underwriting manager, apportioned the figures to a few key areas.

"Most obvious is the shorter daylight hours - we all know that thieves prefer to work in the dark.

"And, after enjoying the summer evenings outdoors, many of us look forward to spending time indoors, which in many cases means we're not using our car as much in the evenings.

"We also see claims where cars have had pre-Christmas shopping in them - so the thief has made away with the car and Christmas gifts for friends and family."

Mr Bartram noted that in many cases, car thieves were actually after the contents of the car or spare parts that could be gleaned from it rather than the vehicle itself, which goes some way to explaining why so many stolen cars are then dumped shortly after.

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